As more and more people commit to producing their own energy, it’s clear that the trend towards sustainability is picking up steam. However with this exciting step comes many questions – which is why SolarArchives exists! We are creating the largest solar data repository out there so you can make informed decisions from start to finish. Find all information about costs, brands, installation and much more in one place for a smooth transition into renewable energy production.

Let us help guide your journey as we work together towards a sustainable future!


Should I invest in solar panels?

In our opinion, yes. Solar panels are a worthwhile investment for your wallet as well as the environment. The typical payback period is currently 7 years. Considering that solar panels last 25 to 30 years on average, this is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to make the switch.

We are happy to help you on your way! Find all the information you need to make the right choice below. You will find information on the different panels you can choose from, costs associated with solar panels and relevant information to take into account.

Advantages of solar panels

Disadvantages of solar panels

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